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Returns / Refunds Policy

Bren Inc full returns & refunds policy.

Price and Payment: All prices, unless otherwise stated, are F.O.B. shipping point and are exclusive of any federal, state, local or other taxes. Applicable taxes are the responsibility of the Purchaser and shall be added to the invoice unless BREN is provided the appropriate, valid exemption certificate by Purchaser. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Product Labeling: Product shall be marked with core labels that specify BREN Material Stock #, Phone Number, and Product of USA. Each Box will be labeled with the BREN stencil, Box Label with Items in box with quantity and BREN info with Product of USA, shipping label (UPS, FedEx, DHL, Post Office, etc.), and one box per order, a packing list. Any variation would have to be approved under the Acceptance terms.

Acceptance: All orders subject to acceptance by BREN. Buyer requirements must be presented to Bren Inc. before order is placed. Special Requirements/Custom Orders represent any variation from these terms. Depending on Buyer requirements, a Processing Fee may be incurred for completion. BREN will not search for requirements on multi-page documents or websites. Requirements must be listed in order with plainly recognized terms to be considered. All requirements must be approved by BREN and Buyer before order is to be processed. Orders received before approval between BREN and Buyer will be considered void and will not be processed until approved. Once placed and accepted, any order may be cancelled only upon terms exempting BREN against all loss and with the consent of BREN. Custom orders are not returnable except in case of manufacturing defect.

Title and Risk of Loss: Title and risk of loss on all materials sold by BREN shall pass to Purchaser upon delivery of said materials to a common carrier regardless of freight terms stated or method of payment of transportation charges.

Transportation: Most shipments are via parcel services and are prepaid and billed; however, BREN reserves the right to specify routing of shipments. Shipments will be sent ground unless expedited is specified. Shipments exceeding 250 lbs. total weight (unless specified by Buyer ARO) will be sent by freight. Shipments on pallets will be boxed, labeled, stacked in a manner as not to damage material, strapped, and stretch wrapped. Shipments leaving United States/Canada will be on a plastic skid – no wooden pallets will be used. Shipments within the United States or Canada will be placed on wooden pallets unless requested otherwise ARO. Please sign for packages as damaged if any damage is suspected before accepting packages. Failure to do so could result in claims being denied.

Returns: BREN products are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects. BREN may exchange or render credit for unused product after return policy procedures are followed. BREN shall not be responsible for claims beyond the replacement value of the defective material. All BREN "Closeout" or "Overstock" material purchases are sold as-is and may NOT be returned or exchanged for credit for any reason. Please sign for packages damaged if any damage is suspected before accepting packages. Failure to do so could result in claims being denied.

Defective Material Inquiries: If within 30 days from the date of purchase there is a perceived product defect, the following procedures apply:

Contact BREN Customer Service with the following information: Product, Lot Number and Description of Defect.

BREN Customer Service will request a sample to be sent to BREN for quality evaluation. A Return Material Authorization (RMA) Number will be assigned and must be displayed on returning materials. (We cannot accept any return without an approved RMA Number.)

Upon receipt and inspection of materials, Purchaser will be advised if material return and/or a credit will be issued. (An additional RMA Number will be issued for approved defective materials for return to BREN.)

***Please Note: all requested samples and defective materials that are issued a RMA Number must be received by BREN within ten (10) business days or claim will be void; also, spliced rolls are not considered defective and may not be returned!***

Other Return Inquiries: If a material return is requested for any reason other than a quality issue, a return approval and RMA Number must be authorized by BREN. These returns will be subjected to a minimum 15% restocking fee (based on product) and all freight charges (outbound and return costs) will be charged to Purchaser. Returns will ONLY be accepted if received in resalable condition. If not received in such condition, the return will be void and returned to Purchaser at his expense. NO materials will be accepted without an approved RMA Number. BREN has the right to accept or refuse any or all non-quality return inquiries.

Product Performance: Please refer to product data sheets (available upon request) for specific information on product performance. All product information, recommendations and descriptions are based on manufacturers' research and are believed to be reliable; however, guarantee of this data is not made nor implied. It is recommended Purchaser independently test the product to determine end-use suitability. BREN warrants only the goods be free from defects in material and workmanship. BREN shall not be responsible for damages or costs of any nature resulting from the use of the material in question. The guidelines set herein constitute the entire obligation of BREN with respect to warranty and supersede all warranties previously given.

Documentation: BREN will provide Certificate of Conformance for the following materials upon request; Ultra-Cut II™, SSB-Cut™, Poly-Cut™, Poly-Cut SC™, Clear-Cut 5B &7B™, and VMask™. No other materials or supplies will have a C of C. BREN will provide MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) upon request. BREN will provide NAFTA, W-9, and other legal documents upon request at BREN’s discretion.

Non-Waiver: Failure of BREN or any of its agents or representatives to comply with any of the terms or conditions herein or failure to properly notify Purchaser of any breach of these conditions shall not be deemed a waiver of any right BREN has to insist upon strict compliance with these terms and conditions in subsequent agreements.

Force Majeure: BREN shall not be liable for any loss, damage, delay, change in shipment schedule or failure to deliver cause d by accident, fire, strike, riot, civil commotion, insurrection, war, the elements, embargo, failure of carrier, inability to obtain transportation facilities, government requirements, acts of God or public enemy, previous commitments to customers or limitations on BREN's or its suppliers' products or marketing activities or any other cause or contingency beyond BREN's control.

No salesperson, distributor, representative or other agent is authorized by BREN to give any warranty or guarantee contrary to the statements made herein.

BREN reserves the right to add or delete vinyl or other materials, add or delete colors as they become available or are discontinued by manufacturers, or change prices without notice.